Charging GST

Advanced GST Charging 2023

General sales tax is applied when you purchase or sell something. To understand the basics of GST charging, you must know which services it will apply or exempt. You will get more information in the coming lines.

GST Charges are Categorized into four groups

GST Charging on property transactions

If you are running a selling and buying property, you may need to register for GST. There are two scenarios in this matter(Should I pay GST). It would be best if you visited a tax advisor to discuss your transaction details to avoid a penalty from the government (IRD). GST on Zero Rated Supplies.

Zero Rated Supplies

Some of the products or services lie in the zero-rated category. It doesn’t mean the product is exempt, and you must keep track of your transactions. Its 0% GST rate is not Exempted. If the product or service you sell in your business is zero-rated, you must have registered for GST. You can claim back your GST amount from the government.

Zero Rated Supplies


If you are exporting books and the total cost excluding GST is $100, and 15% GST ($15 ) is applied at the time of production, then you have to keep this GST separate as debit and claim it back from the government.

Zero Rated Products

  • Some Exported Services
  • Duty-Free goods
  • Tools used to manufacture the products

Charging GST Exempt Supplies

Some of the products and services are exempt. It bothers me that you don’t claim GST in this category. If you are running a business in an exempt category, you don’t need to register for GST. There is no punishment for not registering because the services don’t lie in the GST category.

 exempt supplies

In this case, if you are registered for GST, then for this category, you never get a claim for GST and adjust your prices and get it from the end consumer.

GST Exempt Products or Services

  • Fine Metals
  • Rent for a residential dwelling.
  • Bank Fees
  • Penalty Interests

Special Supplies

Some unique businesses that differ from standard businesses lie in particular categories. GST is applied in sequence, which means GST charges will be applied when certain conditions or criteria meet.

gst charging special supplies

Door-to-door sale

What happens if the consumer cancels the transaction after submitting the invoice? You will get an answer on the official site of the government.

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