GST Calculator NZ

Formula used by online GST Calculator NZ

In New Zealand, the 15% GST rate is applied to goods and services. With the help of online GST calculator NZ you can easily calculate your GST amount. It may be zero for certain products. You can also calculate your VAT amount by using our Online VAT Calculator. Goods and Services Tax in New Zealand was introduced on October 1, 1986. A manual way to add and subtract GST is mentioned below with the example.

GST Calculator NZ

GST Inclusive Calculation

GST inclusive amount means that GST Tax has already been included in the amount, and the customer pays no more tax. Getting the GST amount from the paid amount is not a difficult task. I am going to show the manual way to get this.

How to Remove GST in New Zealand

To get the GST part from the GST inclusive amount you need to divide the GST inclusive amount by 115 and multiply by 15

To get GST Exclusive amount while knowing GST inclusive value you need to multiply GST inclusive price by 100 and then divide the result by 115.


Lets we have an amount of $200
To get GST inclusive amount these are the simple steps to work out

  • Calculating GST Part
  • Net Value

GST Exclusive Calculation New Zealand

GST Exclusive amount is the amount before adding the GST rate. It also refers to the “Plus GST” which means that the GST rate is not included in the amount, which will add later.

How to Add GST Amount

To add the GST amount NZ , just multiply the Exclusive amount by 0.15 which will give the GST amount, and then add the GST amount to the Exclusive amount.
Let’s assume we have GST Exclusive amount and we have to calculate the GST inclusive these are the following steps to perform

  • $200 * 15%
  • $200 + $30 GST= GST inclusive

To calculate GST for other countries We have a general calculator to calculate your GST amount.
First get yourself register for GST by filling the GST.


Lets we have a amount of $300

  • $300+GST
    = $300 * 0.15
    = $45 is GST amount
    = $345 is GST inclusive Amount

NZ GST Calculation Video


15% is the GST rate applied on certain goods when you purchase them from the market or when businessmen purchase it from the supplier.

To calculate the GST component from the total price divide the inclusive amount by 1.15 and you will get the GST Part from the inclusive amount.