GST Calculator Jersey

GST Calculation Workout in Jersy

In Jersey, the 5% GST is applied to goods and services. With the help of online GST calculator Jersey you can calculate your total GST amount Goods and Services Tax in Jersey was introduced on May 9, 2008. A manual way to find GST Inclusive and exclusive is given below

GST Inclusive Calculation Jersey

To get the GST amount from the GST inclusive we have to do some steps

To get the GST part of the GST inclusive amount you need to divide the GST inclusive amount by 105 and multiply by 5

To get GST exclusive amount while knowing GST inclusive value you need to multiply GST inclusive price by 100 and then divide the result by 105


Lets we have an amount of $200
To get GST inclusive amount these are the simple steps to work out

  • Calculating GST Part
  • Net Value

GST Exclusive Calculation Jersey

To add the GST amount just multiply the exclusive amount by 1.05

To Add 5% GST

Let’s assume we have GST exclusive amount and we have to calculate the GST inclusive these are the following steps to perform

  • $400 * 5% = $20
  • $400 + $20 GST= GST inclusive


Lets we have a amount of $300

  • $300+GST
    = $300 * 1.05
    = $15is GST amount
    = $315 is GST inclusive Amount