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What is GST Calculator?

This Online GST calculator calculates your payable GST amount. Don’t worry about how GST calculation works out.

How to Calculate the GST amount using Online Calculator?

Few Steps to calculate the GST using this calculator.

Select the Country from Drop down, Select other if the country is not in the list

Enter the Amount and Percentage rate(if your country is not on the list otherwise percentage is automatically added)

Select your desired method Inclusive(Remove GST) or Exclusive(Add GST)

GST Calculation Formula

Remove GST Manually

  • {(Amount) ÷ (100 + GST rate)}*GST rate.
  • Let’s suppose we have GST inclusive amount is $300 and the GST rate is 8%.
  • $300÷(100+8))*8=$22.22

Add GST Manually

  • (Amount) * {(GST rate ÷ 100)+1}
  • Let’s suppose we have GST exclusive amount is $300 and the GST rate is 4%.
  • ($400) * {(4 ÷100)+1} =$416

Enter you amount in the given formula in the (Amount Place)

The amount you entered should be according to the formula you choose. If you want to add the GST amount you have to choose the Add GST formula and vice versa.

Verify your answer with our online calculator.

GST Rate World wide

New Zealand 15 Percent
Australia 10 Percent
India 18 Percent
Singapore 7 Percent
Malaysia6 Percent
GST UAE5 Percent
GST EGYPT10 Percent

History of GST India

The Goods and Services Tax, or GST, went into effect on 1 July 2017 in India. The GST system replaces multiple state and federal taxes with a single national tax. The GST system is designed to make it easier for businesses to collect taxes and to reduce the number of tax avoidance schemes.

GST is a tax on goods and services at the rate of 18%. Taxes are imposed on the supply of goods and services as well as imports and exports. It replaces most taxes such as excise duty, VAT, sales tax, service tax, octroi and entry tax.

The rate of GST will be decided by the GST Council which will consist of representatives from the Centre and states. GST will be collected on all taxable goods and services. In the process of realizing the tax, each state will establish a common central body to collect taxes and distribute them to the Centre and states. GST will be a destination-based tax.

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